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Pass the audit,Ascend oneself
Views:1141 Date:2018-09-29 10:37:57

On February 28 and June 11, 2018, Nissan conducted two audits on the technology, process, equipment, tooling and production site of our factory, and gave full affirmation and evaluation to our factory after the two audits.

In order to ensure that the Nissan audit was successfully passed, the company's leaders twice took charge personally and organized the work. At the same time, give clear instructions: Pass the audit,Ascend ourselves.

All departments and teams closely around the Japanese audit requirements and standards, combined with leadership instructions, from the technology, technology, safety, equipment, tooling, production site and other aspects of in-depth and meticulous self-inspection and improvement.Especially the core class and assembly class, organize the class staff to seriously study the GK management standards and requirements, and combined with their own situation to rectify and improve.Japanese auditors were quite satisfied during the audit.

Through two audits, we fully realize our own deficiencies and the gap with the advanced first-class enterprise, which provides motivation and goals for further improvement and self-improvement.

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