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Chongqing factory seeks to develop soft environment for enterprise management
Views:1132 Date:2018-09-29 10:35:41

Chongqing factory seeks to develop soft environment for enterprise management

In the highly competitive automotive market environment of 2018, Chongqing factory actively seeks management breakthroughs under the leadership of the group company to explore the road of soft environment for enterprise development.First, streamline the organization  personnel and merge the production management department with the manufacturing department to reduce the number of auxiliary staff by 10%.We should strictly enforce the linkage between benefits and wages so that managers can pay attention to efficiency indicators and company operation.Secondly, break through the brazing technology and process barrier to optimize the manufacturing capacity of equipment, learn lean production knowledge to solve manufacturing site issues,and improve the manufacturing capacity through the combination of rapid quality response actions.Finally, we should strengthen the sense of corporate responsibility and enhance the sense of responsibility and public praise in the cognition of customers, governments and employees.The company is seeking the development path of enterprise management and stepping out of a world of Jiahe people.


Chongqing factory has successfully realized the mass production of heavy truck medium intercooler

In May 2018, Chongqing introduced the Shanxi steam intercooler product.The technology of side spraying with inner fin belt was introduced, which changed the old filling process, greatly saved the manufacturing cost, shortened the production cycle and improved the welding qualified rate.On the other hand, it improves the automatic welding tooling, one-off long-edge forming, further improving customer satisfaction from the appearance.The company's introduction and breakthrough of the technology successfully achieved mass production and opened the manufacturing gate of large scale intercooler.


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